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Welcome to HomeTaste Tiffin/Meal Kit Service!

HomeTaste brings the warmth of home to your daily meals with our authentic Tiffin Service in Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge. Our pure vegetarian menus are not only delicious but also gentle on your tummy. At HomeTaste, we're dedicated to ensuring you never miss the comfort of a home-cooked meal, no matter how far you are from home. Discover the best tiffin service in Waterloo, Kitchener, and Cambridge – where every meal is a cherished connection to your roots.

HomeTaste Tiffin: Bringing Mom's Love to Your Table

Customize Your Tiffin, Your Way!

Choose meals to match your dietary preferences and feel free to switch whenever you like. Whether it's a classic favorite or a custom creation, it's all up to you. Enjoy your satisfaction, your way, every day.


Bon Appétit!​

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New Monthly Tiffin Membership

Only $12 per Meal Kit for 20 Servings a Month!


Enjoy the freedom to customize and collect your meals at your convenience from any of our locations.


Get a free side of rice/salad with you meal.


Upgrade to home delivery for just an extra $1 per tiffin and enjoy doorstep convenience in Kitchener and Waterloo.


Get a Free Occasional Indian Sweet!






It's Up to You!

Savor the HomeTaste Advantage
Your Best Tiffin Service Provider in Kicthener, Waterloo and Cambridge

When it comes to tiffin service, HomeTaste stands as a shining star in Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge. Why? We're not just a meal provider; we're your connection to the authentic flavors of home.

Here's why we believe HomeTaste is your ultimate tiffin service provider

Give It a Try
Explore Your Tiffin Experience!

Try your favorite meal today! Visit our store, order online with pickup, or get it delivered via UberEats, DoorDash, or Skip The Dishes.

Our Locations

Waterloo Location:

HomeTaste - 912, 130 Columbia St W, ON, N2L 0G6.


Phone: (519)804-0065

Opening Hours: MON - SAT  11:00 AM - Midnight

Kitchener Location:

HomeTaste - 29-1601 River Rd E, Kitchener, ON, N2A 3Y4.


Phone: (519)954-5666

Opening Hours: MON - SAT  09:00 AM - 11:00 PM

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