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HomeTaste Tiffin Service

Best Tiffin service in Kitchener Waterloo & Cambridge area

Hometaste Tiffin At Its Best

Quality Ingredients

Hometaste tiffins are made from high quality ingredients weather it is wheat, vegetables, spices or containers to pack. We do  not compromise in quality.

Fresh Food

Fresh food made from fresh ingredients, every single day for students, working class, elders, food lovers and food tasters. Everyone loves it.


Only place that prepares your tiffin as per your cravings of the day. So, why not make it best day, everyday.

HomeTaste Veg Tiffins

HomeTaste Indian veg tiffin service is popular in Kitchener-Waterloo & Cambridge for its quality and taste at affordable prices. Tiffin is a meal or snack and Hometaste tiffin service offers variety of Indian dishes, such as curries, rice, and chapati, in small, stackable containers.

The food is prepared in a certified commercial kitchen which is regularly inspected by Waterloo Health Department. Hometaste Tiffin are a popular option for people who do not have time to cook or go out to eat, as they offer a convenient and affordable way to get a variety of fresh, homemade meals. Hometaste tiffin services emphasizes on fresh, quality whole ingredients and offers a variety of healthy options to choose from.

How To Order

For $11, 2 Curries, 6 Rotis & Complimentary Rice/ Salad

HomeTaste tiffins are only available through below options from Kitchener branch.

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